Hi There & Welcome!

Our lives are a series of dreams realized.

– Elaine Welteroth, More Than Enough

Hi there! Welcome to my blog, BookinItWithAhtiya!

My name is Ahtiya, and I’m a lover of books! I produce bookish content on my YouTube channel BookinItWithAhtiya and my Instagram (@bookinitwithAhtiya), and I decided, after much internal debate, to finally finally FINALLY start a blog dedicated to books. To be honest, I’m not quite sure why this was such an internal struggle for me since I can talk about books until the sun stops burning. As of right now, I’m unsure the trajectory of this blog.

What will I post, how often should I post? 🤔

These were the questions plaguing my mind late at night when I thought about the concept of book blogging. I’ve decided that I’m going to post from the heart, which can mean anything from tags, book reviews, book hauls, recent reads/wrap-ups, and TBRs! All of this is to say that I’m super excited to share my love of books in another media and with different people!

Stay tuned for my next post and make sure to follow! Please and thank you!


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