#YONCÉathon: Beyoncé Inspired Readathon [CHALLENGES]

YONCÉathon is fast approaching, y’all! If you didn’t know, YONCÉathon is a Beyoncé-inspired read-a-thon hosted by yours truly.

This is an easygoing month-long readathon, where the goal is to read as much as you can while also trying to complete the Challenges (listed below). Round 1 of YONCÉathon will take place January 17th – February 17th and is inspired by her full discography, including her joint album with Jay-Z Everything Is Love, the HOMECOMING live album, and the non-soundtrack album The Liong King: The Gift. I’ve listed the Challenges below, and my TBR will be coming out soon!


Read an author’s debut.

This can be a new-to-you author or an author you love that you just haven’t read their debut for. This also isn’t limited to a 2019 release. Look at this as a chance to scan the books you’ve owned or borrowed and see which ones are actually debuts!


Read a book where romance is a central plot.

I worded this particular prompt like this to make it clear that you don’t have to read a Romance book to complete this prompt. I, personally, love romance, but I know that sometimes I’m just not in the mood for a hardcore romance, contemporary or historical or otherwise. I do know that quite a few Fantasy or Sci-Fi books feature romance as a central plot, same with Thrillers and other genres. As long as the book features romance, it can count for this challenge!


Read a book with an unclear antagonist or villain.

This one is a challenge you can get creative with! A thriller or mystery will definitely do the trick, but so will a contemporary or fantasy where the antagonist or villain isn’t discerned right away.


Read a book with exactly four words in the title.

I think this one speaks for itself lol.


Read a book about a character (or group of characters) going on a journey.

When Beyoncé returned to the game after the birth of her first child, her self-titled album shocked a lot of people. It was fun and flirty and different and bold for the pop sensation, and if you listen to Queen Bey’s comments on the album, she talks about how she was went through quite a bit of a self-journey with the self-titled album. For this challenge, read a book that centers around a character or group of characters that are going on a journey. This can be left up to your own interpretation. This can be a physical journey, a journey of self-discovery, a journey to find love, anything! Have fun!


Read a book featuring strong female relationships (platonic, romantic, familial, etc.).

While the Lemonade album deals heavily with relationship and partner intimacy, the film has strong messages and imagery about the power of the bonds between women and girls and how these bonds keep us strong, especially in times of strife, grief, and anger. For this challenge, seek out books that have been recommended as having strong female relationships or center around female relationships. It’s an added plus if you read a book centering black female relationships, much like Lemonade does! 🙂


Read a book with yellow and/or pink on the cover.

Another one that’s super self-explanatory. This doesn’t mean the entire cover has to yellow and/or pink. This mean that perhaps just the words are or there’s a touch of one of these colors. As long as yellow and/or pink is on the cover in some way, it will count!


Read a book that is co-written by two or more authors.

Much like the beauty that is this challenge’s namesake, this prompts you to search for books that are co-written. I know I don’t particularly have a whole bunch of books with more than one author, so this will definitely push me to hone in on those novels during this month.


Read a modern retelling of a fairytale, folktale, or classic.

Go wild with this one! In honor of the remake of The Lion King, in which Beyoncé produced an entire album based on the movie, find yourself a solid modern retelling of a fairytale, folktale, or classic! I know I love a good retelling, and I’m incredibly excited to dive into this prompt!

If you are on Twitter or Instagram, don’t forget to use the hashtag #YONCEathon when posting your TBR, talking about the readathon, and participating during the month! Follow YONCÉathon on Twitter @yonceathon, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter (@bookswithahtiya) and Instagram (@bookinitwithahtiya). Let me know down below if you are planning on participating in YONCÉ-a-thon!

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