A Week of Reading #4 [January 22nd – January 28th] // Weekly 2020 Book Reviews

As mentioned in A Week of Reading #1, this series is a weekly wrap-up series of the books I’m reading and finishing each week. Each post will pick up where the last one left off, in terms of the number book I’m on for the year.

Book Twelve: Red At The Bone by Jacqueline Woodson (4/5 stars)

The book opens in 2001, and it is the evening of Melody’s coming of age ceremony. She is surrounded by family and friends, wearing a special custom-made dress that was originally made for her mother’s coming of age ceremony sixteen years prior. This was a celebration that never happened because Melody’s mother was pregnant…with her. Throughout the novel, we jump between histories and perspectives of the people who make up Melody’s family tree: her parents, her maternal grandparents, and her paternal grandparents. We are able to see how it all came together and who, in essence, helped create Melody. This is a solid multi-generational story that is told from multiple perspectives. Jacqueline Woodson definitely delivers in terms of beautiful and poignant writing, and now I want to read anything she’s ever written.

Book Thirteen: Her Royal Highness by Rachel Hawkins (3.5/5 stars)

This was a very cute romance that I read in participation for #YONCÉathon. Millie, a Texas native, is trying to get over her bestie/girlfriend cheating on her, and to help with that, she decides to attend a prestigious boarding school abroad in Scotland. Her roommate is the standoff-ish and prickly Princess of Scotland, Flora, who is known for getting into trouble and cooking up shenanigans. At first, Millie and Flora do not get along at all; Flora keeps Millie at arms length and is kind of horrid, and Millie has no desire to keep being around a girl who looks down their nose at her. As they begin to spend time together, though, Millie realizes that there is a lot more to Flora than meets the eye. This is, of course, an enemies-to-friends-to-lovers romance story, which I absolutely adore. I like the character of Millie, but it took me over 50% of the book to actually give a hoot about Flora. I do think that this is one of those stories that would have benefitted greatly from dual-perspectives because I think a lot of Flora’s character development and complexity had to come at the hands of what Millie saw and interpreted. I will say, there’s definitely a possibility that I will read this again and perhaps, with knowledge of how the character of Flora evolves, I will enjoy it upon a second read.

That’s it for this Week of Reading! Look out for my next one, which will be posted sometime next week! Let me know in the comments what books you read in the fourth week of 2020!

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