LOVE IN COLOUR // 15 Thoughts While Reading // #BookinItWithAhtiya

This blog post is part of the LOVE IN COLOUR tour hosted by Hear Our Voices Book Tours. Thank you so much to William and Morrow for providing an eARC.

I never know what to expect when heading into a collection of short stories, but I was absolutely blown away with the work Bolu Babalola executes in Love In Colour. While this collection is based heavily on different mythologies of love throughout histories and different cultures, even if you don’t immediately recognize which myth is being retold, you are still able to appreciate each story on its own. Love in Colour centers women being autonomous and understood by their partners, while also being unapologetic in their right to exist and take up space. What is truly masterful is that this concept does not look the same for all the women, and I was immediately drawn in by the astounding variety of characters and love interests we meet throughout this collection. Built upon beautiful, metaphor writing, Babalola presents a masterful collection that explores what it means to truly be seen in a relationship, so much to the point where you are able to let your guard down and call your partner ‘home.’ I definitely see myself picking up another work by Bolu Babalola. Enjoy 15 thoughts I had while reading!

  1. (while reading Osun) Okay, wow, this writing is bomb! Wow wow wow.
  2. (while reading Osun) Uhhh, is it possible to have a favorite story when I’ve just begun? lol
  3. (while reading Osun) This was an absolutely delightful story and such a great way to start the collection.
  4. (while reading Scheherazade) This starts off very different than Osun; super easy to understand that it’s a different story.
  5. (while reading Scheherazade) Okay, I lied, this might just be my favorite story!
  6. (while reading Scheherazade) Wait, is this an Arabian Nights retelling?!
  7. (while reading Nefertiti) Hmm, okay, I’m sensing a theme of our protagonists all wanting to be truly seen and able to let their guard down.
  8. (while reading Siya) O-kay, this is steamy off the amount of anticipation and longing alone lol.
  9. (while reading Psyche) This is super cute!
  10. (while reading Psyche) Psyche is such a different protagonist than the ones we’ve encountered so far — it’s refreshing!
  11. (while reading Naleli) I wasn’t expecting a story from a high schooler’s perspective…
  12. (while reading Thisbe) I dig this method of storytelling; definitely super engaging and keeps the pace up.
  13. (while reading Orin) LOL this banter is HILARIOUS.
  14. (while reading Alagomeji) This story is so soul-filling.
  15. Well,damn, this was good.

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Thank you for reading!

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