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I’ve recently started using my Kindle Paperwhite to read manga. Reading more manga has been a yearly goal since the start of 2021. I really enjoy the format and method of storytelling, but for some reason, I don’t find myself pulled to pick up physical volumes. Since using my Kindle, however, I’m flying through them and more inclined to read manga. It helps because I’m able to pull it out easier and read a few pages when I have a few free minutes during work in between tasks or during my daily commute. This, of course, means I’m in search for new series to discover so I can figure out my specific tastes. Here are three manga series I’ve started and have been enjoying recently!

Yona of the Dawn by Mizuho Kusanagi

Volumes read so far: 4 out of 36 (and counting!)

Genre: Fantasy

Princess Yona is the only daughter of King Il of Kouka. Doted on by her loving father and sheltered for all of her life, Yona’s life is throne into turmoil after the assassination of the king. Yona flees the palace with her long-time snarky protector Hak, leaving the throne open. I’d already read Volume 1 in 2020 and remembered enjoying the intro to the story. I decided to reread the first volume as a refresher and then moved on to the second. Volume 2 provides an incredible amount of world-building and character backstory without being info-dumpy. In Volume 2, the tribes of Kouka are further expanded upon, and I loved seeing Yona experience Hak’s home Fuuga, home of the Wind Tribe. Also, we got so much of Hak’s personality, and I was actually laughing aloud at some moments. Hak is so snarky and hilarious and does an incredible job trolling Yona while remaining fiercely loyal. I’m looking forward to seeing Yona and Hak’s relationship evolve, as well as seeing Yona cme into her power as a princess. We’ve been introduced to so many distinct characters and history of the world in just the four volumes that I’ve read (read: devoured) so far!

Library Wars: Love & War by Kiiro Yumi

Volumes read so far: 3 out of 15

Genre: Dystopian

In a near future where censorship of books and movies run rampant, a Library Forces agent Iku is just trying to do her best. The Library Forces is a trained military organizations that promises to keep providing free and easy access to books. Iku’s always wanted to be a Library Forces field agent, but her parents think she’s working as a noncombative Librarian. As a lover of books and someone who used to primarily get her reading materials from public libraries, the premise of this manga immediately intrigued me. Thankfully, I have not been disappointed at all. Iku is the perfect imperfect rookie stumbling through her dream job, and with the perfect sprinkle of a slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers romance and packed chock full with action, Library Wars: Love and War is currently my favorite manga series.

Assassination Classroom by Yusei Matsui

Volumes read so far: 3 out of 21

Genre: Sci-Fi

The class of 3-E are known as the rejects, losers, and delinquents of their junior high school. Relegated to the worst school building and provided a subpart education experience, these students are used to expecting failure for both themselves and each other. When an alien disintegrates most of the moon and proves too skillful to be killed by national governments, the students of 3-E are drafted into the mission of assassination. For some reason, this alien (affectionately named Koro Sensei by the class), desperately wants to teach 3-E before completing his task of destroying the Earth. Offered a hefty ransom and burdened with the fate of the world, the students dedicate themselves to the task. I’ve only finished three volumes, but I’m already seeing so much character development. The pacing is excellent and the characters memorable. Koro Sensei is both hilarious and terrifying, and everything feels high stakes. I love how dedicated Koro Sensei is to the task of teaching and nurturing his students, and I’m loving the lessons the students are learning throughout the series. I definitely want to know more about Koro Sensei and his motivations, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of the adventures and antics of the class of 3-E!

Do you read manga? If so, which ones would you recommend I check out? Any of these pique your interest? Thanks for reading!

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